How to Winterize a Honda in Kansas

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How to Winterize Your Honda
in Kansas City

If you're worried about your vehicle having a tough time making it through a tough Kansas winter successfully, know that the Honda experts at Honda of Olathe are here to make that easy. Customers often ask about, "How to winterize a Honda," and while there is no one straightforward answer, there are a series of steps that will ensure that your Honda model is properly prepared for the elements. Check out our Honda winterize guide below or stop in at our Honda dealer near Kansas City, MO, to get the assistance that you need.

Steps to Winterize My Car for Winter

  1. Check Tire Pressure/Tread Depth
  2. Check Oil & Fluid Levels
  3. Check Battery
  4. Check Belts, Hoses & Windshield Wipers
  5. Put Together Winter Emergency Kit

Honda Tire Repairs near Kansas City

When it comes to enjoying optimal Honda performance, having properly inflated car tires is essential. While the hot summer months tend to increase tire pressure, the cold winter has the opposite effect. This makes it important to routinely check your Honda CR-V or Civic tires to ensure they're safe to drive on. Notice that the tread depth on your tires is lacking? It may be wise to order new tires and schedule service at Honda of Olathe soon.

Honda Oil & Filter Change near Me

The frigid temperatures can impact your Honda oil and fluid levels more severely, making it a necessity to make sure you stay on top of routine Honda oil changes. The Honda truck, car or SUV that you drive may also be better off with thinner oil that's specifically designed to help keep your Honda engine running smoothly. Consult our Honda service team for advice and browse our Honda oil change specials to save on your next appointment.

Honda Battery Replacement in Olathe, KS  

Not only is it inconvenient to get left stranded with a dead battery, but it's also quite dangerous during the winter season. Safeguard against Honda battery failure by taking note of any signs that your car battery might be dying, whether your Honda Accord is having trouble starting or you notice your Honda Pilot check engine light is flashing. And while car batteries tend to last three years, we do advise you to note that cold Kansas City weather can reduce its power substantially.

Schedule Honda Maintenance 

From the hoses and belts that work in unison inside the body of your Honda car to the wiper blades that rest just outside the windshield of your Honda SUV, the impact of snow, ice and tough temperatures is far reaching. These elements to a smooth winter driving experience are often overlooked, so if you'd like to get comprehensive car winterize maintenance nearby, schedule Honda service online now.

Items to Include in a Winter Emergency Car Kit

If your Honda does happen to break down on the side of the road, it's important to be prepared. Keeping a car emergency kit in your car year-round is advised, but in the winter months, we advise that you add some additional items that will help keep you and your loved ones safe. Some emergency kit items we recommend include:

  • Flashlights, Flares & First-Aid Kit
  • Jumper Cable or Portable Battery Charger
  • Honda Tool Kit & Tire Chains
  • Warm Winter Coats, Hats, Gloves, Boots & Blankets
  • Snowbrush, Ice Scraper & Shovel
  • De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Water & Snacks
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